Why use Public Relations?

You may find yourself asking, why would I use a PR agency? Here are some good reasons why using Public Relations benefits you:


  • Stay ahead of your competitors

    • By actively managing, promoting, and boosting your brand by using Public Relations strategies, you are maintaining relevance in the market and also ensuring your brand is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. As Barbara Corcoran, entrepreneur and successful business woman from Shark Tank, stated, “If you’re not being quoted in the press, you’re losing market share by losing limelight.”

  • Remain proactive

    • Name one major brand that doesn’t have a PR agency or PR employee in-house. You won’t find one. Major brands realize that at any time, a crisis could appear which would require the need to be prepared to handle negative press in a proactive manner which will help maintain sales and positive brand awareness. In addition, there may be opportunities of newsworthy events where you need a professional to pitch and gain media coverage to appear in the spotlight. If you remove PR from your business strategy, you are no longer building brand recognition and remaining proactive.

  • Utilize your Budget More Efficiently

    • Traditional advertising can get expensive. With an effective advertising strategy, you have be willing to pay for various mediums with frequent messages which can be costly. With public relations, the cost is much less as well as the results are effective and make a lasting impression that the public will remember.

  • Create loyalty

    • All businesses and non-profit organizations have the same end goal: influence their audience to utilize or support their services which then affects their bottom line. With a good public relations strategy, you build credibility and a positive image between you and your audience, which in turn creates loyalty to your brand.