We help promote and build awareness for your business, product, campaign, & event. 



Public Relations is an often a misunderstood field. Public Relations and traditional advertising have completely different roles and purposes, yet many think they are the same. Advertising creates paid announcements through different mediums, such as print ads, billboards, TV and radio, while Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds credibility between organizations and the public. Ultimately, PR earns credibility through different tactics while advertising is a paid message about your product and service. Both have different objectives and end results, but can be powerful when used together.

In addition to building credbility, Public Relations generates more for your bottom line in the form of giving you access to recruiting talented employees, establishing your brand in the marketplace, driving new opportunities, and providing your company with a strong reputation and credibility to attract new business. 

As a full service agency, LC Public Relations can help brand companies and launch new businesses, coordinate and create fundraising events for non-profits, manage and develop social media campaigns, provide consultation for crisis scenarios, and organize volunteer programs to get engaged and involved in the community.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure your brand gains credibility and therefore becomes the favored choice for future business opportunities.